Role-Playing Game Education "RPG Education" New Student & New Courses Enrollment Begins February 1st, 2019

2018 new student enrollment is currently closed. Existing students continue to have access. Enrollment will be opening soon for new students, as well as new courses for existing students. This site provides additional information for those people who wish to learn more about role-playing game education, and the potential to use role-playing games in many areas, including professional training, recreation, entertainment, classroom, and therapeutic settings.


RPG Education is a service offering by RPG Therapeutics LLC that provides a self-paced online, self-study and interactive-study, learning platform to support the education, training, and certification of RPG Therapeutics LLC's clients, partners, and community members.


Currently new student enrollment is closed.  Current students continue to have access to their courses until their access periods expire (or they choose to extend their access periods).

We will be accepting new student enrollment by February 1st, 2019. See this news announcement for more information.


Introductory courses are typically $25 to $100 USD per course for 6 months access. Typically +$5 for 1 year access, and typically +$15 for 2 years access.

Intermediate courses range between $100 to $1,000 USD per course for 3-6 months access. Some of these courses are self-study paced, others require more rigid scheduling due to the higher level of live interaction.

Advanced courses begin at $1,000 USD per course for 3 months access. These courses tend to have a more fixed attendance schedule due to the requirements for a higher level of live interaction.

Course Catalog

We are currently updating our course catalog for 2019.

This page will be updated with the appropriate link when the 2019 catalog is available.